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Best Accounting Softwares in Brazil. 


Best Accounting Softwares in Brazil. 

It became easier to maintain a company’s financial routine with the arrival of technology. Therefore, the execution of tasks previously considered bureaucratic is now done in a simpler way with the adoption of accounting software for accounting. 


The moment to choose a financial system should be based on some fundamentals (Picture by aleksandarlittlewolf in Freepik).

This is a great way to gain efficiency, speed and security in office processes. You can, for example, automatically check taxes and periodically update fiscal, accounting and tax rules. 

However, the choice of a system, among so many available options, must be done with criteria. The routine of an accounting firm involves multiple operations and it is necessary to be aware of permanent integration with other sectors.

Therefore, to help you, we highlight 5 accounting software for accounting that will help your company in administrative and financial routines. 

What to consider? 

The moment to choose a financial system should be based on some fundamentals. Therefore, before getting to know the best software, let’s clarify the main points to take into account when choosing a system for your company. 


This is the first but not really the most important. Do you know the term cost-benefit? So it is. There are several options available on the market, so you need to have a clear idea of what your office really needs. That way, you will know which one will be your preference.  

System Functionality 

Among the various options available, check which one has the ease of being modular. This characteristic is important for you to implement modules according to the day-to-day needs of the office and invest in accounting software for accounting in a logical and intelligent way. 


Nowadays you can’t talk about software without valuing information security. Any loss or misuse of this data can cause irreparable damage to the office’s finances.

Therefore, observe whether the company uses systems with different levels of access to data. It is also important to know if the software has an appropriate encryption system to preserve sensitive information, as well as a security certificate.


No, we are not talking about financial statements. In this case, it’s the good old “test drive” of the system, essential to find out which accounting management system is best suited to your needs.

Usually, all companies offer a limited period for free demos. This is your chance to get to know the chosen software better and assess whether it fits what you need to do the job. 

Consultancy and after-sales 

Choose a supplier that has after-sales services to answer questions and correct any failures, since installing accounting software for accounting is a procedure that changes the routine and flow of activities performed on a daily basis. 

More than solving routine doubts, it values a service that includes training and specialized consulting with visits to the office to understand the way the system works and consumption. 

The selection of the best accounting software for accounting 

To better support your decision, we have selected the 4 best financial software on the market. So, they are:


Omie ERP is an integrated accounting software management system capable of serving any size of company, in any segment. There are several complete and integrated functionalities among all system modules, in addition to an application store full of extensions to make your ERP even more complete.

 Conta Azul 

Conta Azul is a Brazilian software company that develops and sells a business management platform, entirely in the cloud, for micro and small companies, with an extension for accounting offices. The Conta Azul platform (for small companies) and Conta Azul Mais (for accountants) enable integration of customers with government, banks, etc. Because it is software, the solution is classified as an ERP system for small businesses.  


Totvs is a Brazilian software company, headquartered in São Paulo. Absolute leader in technology for companies, it has a wide portfolio of systems and applications, in addition to offering financial services for companies. It has 70,000 customers of all sizes and who operate in 12 segments of the Brazilian economy, namely: Agro, Logistics, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Service Providers, Educational, Hospitality, Legal, Construction, Health and Financial Services. According to FGV, TOTVS leads the accounting software market in Brazil. 


SAP is a German company that creates business accounting software. Over four decades, SAP has evolved from a small, regional company in the city of Walldorf to a worldwide organization. Today, SAP is the global market leader in collaborative, multi-enterprise business solutions. The company’s flagship product, which employed 74,497 people in 2015, is the SAP ERP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. 


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