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Do you want to incorporate a company in Brazil?


Do you want to incorporate a company in Brazil?

Brazil is a fascinating country with a vibrant culture and a thriving economy. If you’re interested in incorporating a company in Brazil, in this article we’ll go over the steps you need to take.

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Step 1: Gather the required documents

You’ll need to gather the required documents to incorporate a company in Brazil. These documents include:

A valid passport
Your National ID
A proof of residence

In case you decide to have a foreign Legal Entity as shareholder, the additional documents below apply:

The Articles of Association
A valid passport of the legal representative

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Step 2: Apostilling the documents as per Hague Convention and Sworn translation of the documents

Once the documents above are gathered, you’ll need to go to a Notary Public in your country in order to apostille the documents. Next, you’ll scan and send them by e-mail to CLM Controller. We’ll submit them to a Sworn Translator in order to nationalize the documents.

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Step 3: Registering the company in all organs

From the steps above onwards, the estimated deadline to achieve all registrations is 30 days.

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